Baby Blue Projects – Cinematic Review Site Scope

Movie Review Site
This document serves to outline the potential redevelopment and launch of a cinematic review site to replace the current "Movie Madness" on

Technical Developments:

The information below outlines the proposed scope for the development of a Cinematic Review Website. The goal of this will be to streamline the development of the site and will focus on the basic functionality and scope to begin. The secondary goal will be to drive users to the site via marketing channels. This site will focus only on including reviews from cinematic pieces worth watching, with no poorly made, scripted or produced pieces to be included eg: Fast and The Furious.

Tech Stack

The following tech stack would be included in the development:

  • WordPress
  • Elementor Pro
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Cloudways
  • Domain
  • Instagram (Marketing)
Function List

The following functions would be developed:

Front End:

  • Landing Page
  • Review Archive Page
  • Review Single Page
  • Pop Out Menu
  • Contact Us Page
  • Rating System Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Watch Suggestion Randomizer Page

Back End:

  • Author Login Control
  • Review Crafting & Posting
  • Custom Review Fields
  • Rating System
Technical Costing
Post Types
  • Featured Review Post Type
  • Standard Review Post Type
  • “Flop” Review Post Type
Delivery Goals
  • To replace “Movie Madness”.
  • To develop a repository of cinematic suggestions.
  • To provide general reviews.
  • To provide featured reviews.
  • To provide “Flop” reviews.
  • To provide an objective rating system.
  • To include new authors for a range of tastes.
  • To use as a case study for potential phase 2 development.
  • To reach an audience via social media channels.
Proposed Delivery Structure
  • Set Up Staging Server.
  • Build Archive Page.
  • Build Post Pages.
  • Link Domain.
  • Import Existing Reviews
Proposed Design
  • Template build (As Below)
  • Include Glassmorphic backgrounds.
  • Minimalistic approach.
  • Dark background.
  • Light Text.