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We work with small businesses to help them develop digital!

We partner with small businesses to help them develop digital platforms without the need to purchase expensive products or extensions.

Our Projects Division has been developed to help new business owners gain access to the latest digital tools without the need to invest large amounts of capital. We want to help you get your business started, and from this process, aim to become your chosen digital partner for future development and growth.

We work with fledgling bussines owners who are looking to take their business online. We have no defined requirements for what the business must be, but will instead work with you to determine if our offerings can help your business grow. If you have a product or service to sell to the public, we want to help you go digial.

We take special interest in businesses that need access to e-commerce functionality. E-Commerce access can be overpriced and complicated to implement, we want to work with you to remove this roadblock and enable you to focus on your products and services.

While we won’t do the work for you, we will provide access to our array of digital assets so that you can launch your business to your customers without the need for an over extended digital budget.

We can support businesses by providing some of the following features:

  • WordPress website installation.
  • WordPress plugins and custom themes.
  • Server management and access.
  • Advanced content management systems.
  • E-Commerce functionality.
  • Digital consultations and support.
  • Project management and development scope.
  • Automations and automated systems.
We do not limit ourselves to the above features, we want to help businesses develop into new digital areas that best support their growth. We can guide you through the full development process and consult with you as you grow.

Yes! You will get access to a website and more!

You will be able to choose from one of our packages, this will become availabe to you at a grealty reduced rate.

Anything available on the Baby Blue Digital website will be available to you.

We do support our project partners across a variety of features, but we unfortunately do not cover the following:

  • Domain names
  • Email accounts
  • Content creation
  • Product creation


While we do not offer the above features, we do provide support in helping you find the best options with our delivery partners.

The short answer is No. But what we do provide is extensive digital support.

We take on the cost of an extensive array of digital products which we make available to you. So while we do charge a small maintenance fee, this will be a fraction of the cost of subscribing to the same products yourself.

Here are a few examples:

  • WordPress servers
  • Elementor Pro
  • WooCommerce
  • SureCart
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365

We will only require that you cover the cost of the hosting fee of the service you choose. After the first year, we will give you the option to continue your business delopment unrestricted or to join Baby Blue Projects as a joint venture in order to work together in growing your business.

Compare our pricing to other providers:

  • Shopify – Starting at £228.00 per annum
  • Etsy – £14.30 for every £100.00 earned
  • Webflow – Starting at £300.00 per annum
  • WordPress – Starting at £220.00 per annum
  • Wix – Starting at £180.00 per annum
  • Baby Blue Partners – £75.00 per annum fixed (2022/2023)

The above pricing has been taken directly from each competitor site and has been selected based on the package option that would allow you to sell your products and services online.

We work closely with our Baby Blue Digital partners to help you deliver the best digital platform for your business.

Let us know what your business needs, and a member of our team will assist you.

Email us to begin: