Baby Blue Projects – Scoopp App Phase 2 Planning

The phase 1 development of the Scoopp App is now complete. This document serves to outline the potential of a phase 2 redevelopment and launch based on the initial learnings.

Technical Developments:

The information below outlines the proposed scope for a “Phase 2” launch of the Scoopp App. The goal of this will be to streamline the delivery of the site and will not be aimed at re-design or feature changes. This scope is to be shared with Russell Stainbank for delivery and operational insight.

Tech Stack

The following tech stack would be included in a potential “Phase 2” re-development:

  • WordPress
  • Elementor Pro
  • Cloudways
  • WooCommerce
  • Domain
Function List

The following functions will be retained and developed.

  • Front End: Product Special Individual Page
  • Front End: Product Special Archive Page
  • Front End: Product Special Filters
  • Back End: Product Addition & Management
  • Back End: Product Export & Import
Technical Costing
Legacy Functionality
Technical Goals
  • To reduce the reliance on third-party plugins.
  • To reduce operating costs.
  • To increase site speed and performance.
  • To develop a more scalable product.
  • To Improve SEO Practises.
  • Potential for Ad’s or Paid Services
  • Link Specials to Google Map Location.
  • Email Subscription For Users
  • Potential for Improved Landing Page –
Proposed Delivery Structure
  • Set Up Staging Server.
  • Rebuild Dynamic Pages.
  • Rebuild Archive Page.
  • Rebuild Specials Page.
  • Transfer to New Server.
  • Export & Upload Existing Specials